• Grand Floridian Villas

    Grand Floridian Villas

    The Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa combines the elegance of the Victorian age with Disney magic.

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  • The Villas at Wilderness Lodge

    The Villas at Wilderness Lodge

    Explore the great outdoors. Celebrate the grandeur of America's National Parks and the legacy of the transcontinental railroad.

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  • Bay Lake Tower

    Bay Lake Tower

    Conveniently located within walking distance of Magic Kingdom Park, Bay Lake Tower provides a modern experience with such innovative features as warm woven woods and glass-wrapped columns.

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  • Beach Club

    Beach Club

    Leisure, elegance and romance converge at this charming New England-style Resort hotel. Delight in stately Studios and multi-bedroom Villas, enjoy exquisite dining and explore the pools, lagoons and whirlpool spas of Stormalong Bay.

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  • Boardwalk


    Timeless elegance meets old-fashioned charm at this waterfront Resort hotel. Delight in saltwater taffy-colored cottages, private courtyards and picturesque gardens—plus the ragtime sounds and carnival pastimes of the exciting Coney Island-style boardwalk.

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Wednesday, 22 April 2020 14:51

DVC Member - Buying Into DVC Experience

Written by

Hi! My name is Jo-Anne and we have been DVC members since 2013. We took our daughter on her first Disney trip in 2009 when she was in kindergarten. We stayed onsite at one of the value resorts. Over the next three years, we continued our yearly Disney trips but started staying at the moderate resorts. During this time we started researching everything the Disney Vacation Club had to offer. In 2012 we decided to take the plunge. During our next trip,
we spent time going around to the different DVC resorts to see where they were located and what they had to offer. We absolutely fell in love with the Beach Club Resort.

IMG 7899
When we returned home, we crunched the numbers to determine how many points would work for us and whether we should purchase direct or through a resale company. In the end, we decided the best decision for us was to purchase resale. We lost our first contract to Disney’s ROFR process but we were able to close on our second contract. I would like to give you a little glimpse of why we love this resort and everything it has to offer.

IMG 4775

We loved the theme of the Beach Club Resort. It is painted in beautiful pastel colors and is based on the early 20th century New England homes. It offers studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom villas. However, the thing we love the most about this resort is the location. We love the option of being able to walk to both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. In about 5 minutes after leaving the resort, you are walking through the back entrance of Epcot and Hollywood Studios is approximately a 15-minute walk away. You are also a short walk away from Boardwalk and the Swan and Dolphin. Your other options for transportation are the bus, boat, or the Skyliner.


IMG 7833IMG 4779A second reason to love Beach Club is the food. The resort offers a few choices. One of our favorites is Cape May. You can enjoy a breakfast buffet with Minnie, Donald, and Goofy, and dinner offers a seafood buffet with great crab legs. There are also plenty of options for non-seafood eaters. Another food option is the Beaches and Cream Soda Shop. Beaches and Cream offers favorites such as hamburgers, grilled cheese, and sandwiches. However, the most talked-about item at Beaches and Cream has to be the Kitchen Sink. The Kitchen Sink is an insanely large ice cream sundae that is offered in three different flavors. It comes with bragging rights if your table is able to finish it. For added fun, your server announces it as he/she delivers it to your table, lights flash
in the restaurant and you often receive a round of applause.



The third thing to love about the Beach Club is the pool. People LOVE the Beach Club pool. From the sandy bottom to the lazy river to the 230-foot water slide, it’s a must-do. The slide which starts at the top of a spiral staircase of a life-sized shipwreck replica is a kid favorite.


IMG 4776

One thing to keep in mind is the Beach Club Resort is a tremendously popular location. Due to its somewhat smaller size (compared to some of the other DVC Resorts), I highly recommend booking your reservation as close to the 11-month window as possible. The only downside I see at Beach Club is our contract expires in 2042. We truly don’t want the magic to end.

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