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    Grand Floridian Villas

    The Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa combines the elegance of the Victorian age with Disney magic.

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    The Villas at Wilderness Lodge

    Explore the great outdoors. Celebrate the grandeur of America's National Parks and the legacy of the transcontinental railroad.

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    Conveniently located within walking distance of Magic Kingdom Park, Bay Lake Tower provides a modern experience with such innovative features as warm woven woods and glass-wrapped columns.

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Thursday, 20 February 2020 18:20

Make An Offer

Written by

Making an offer on a Disney Vacation Club resale contract

When you are ready to make an offer on a Disney Vacation Club contract here are some things to know.

If you plan on financing your purchase please start here: If paying cash please jump down to “Making the offer."

The first question a lot of potential buyers ask is: Do I have to have financing in place before making an offer? The answer is: No. You can make the offer before you have contacted any finance company. The majority of people financing a DVC resale purchase use Vacation Club Loans, Monera Financial or Lightstream. All three companies can be reached after you have secured a property.

The finance terms vary depending on multiple factors but currently if you were to finance $15,000 over 7 years (with no prepayment penalties) with Vacation Club Loans expect a payment of around $249 a month. A credit score of just 600 is all that is needed for approval and they now finance up to 90% of the contract purchase. Debbie Ely is extremely easy to work with and her email is debbie@vacationclubloans.com

If you were to finance $15,000 over 7 years (with no prepayment penalties) with Monera Financial currently expect a payment of around $250-290 a month (depending on the interest rate for the option you choose). Sam Comstock is very responsive to your questions and his email is sam@monerafinancial.com

To finance with Lightstream you simply go to their website and you can apply online. https://www.lightstream.com/apply

shutterstock 407029039Making the offer

As a buyer, you can make an offer on any available property. If you see that a property is “sale pending” that means another buyer and seller have come to an agreement. You can be a back up on any property that is “sale pending” and we would let you know if it comes back on the market.

Once you find a property that is “Available” that you want to make an offer on you have two options on making the offer. You can click on the listing ID and then fill out the information to make an offer. Once you fill out all the information your email will be received by one of our associates. The associate will then send you a confirmation email asking you to confirm everything before presenting the offer. Once you respond the associate contacts the seller to present the offer.

You can call 407-906-3789 and speak to one of our associates to make the offer. The associate will walk you through all the details on the listing, go over your offer and gather all the information needed so if the seller accepts the offer the agreement can be put together.

What are the costs involved with the offer

All transactions involve three costs. The purchase price (or commonly referred to as price per point), the closing costs and the annual dues for the current year. Typically the buyer makes the offer on the price per point with the buyer paying the closing costs, and buyer paying the dues on the number of points they are getting for the current year. These types of offers seem to be the most effective with the sellers.

What is a fair offer?

The not-so-simple answer: It depends on the market you’re in, the list price, and the status of the points. Of course, every buyer wants to get what they feel is the best price. It can feel good to negotiate a seller’s price down, and even a small price cut can make a buyer feel good as buying directly from Disney allows no negotiation. But, if you go with a lowball offer, you could risk offending the seller-and having them not even come back with a counteroffer. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you figure out that happy medium, and to help you land on the perfect offer price.

Are you in a buyer’s or seller’s market?

So before you make any purchase offer, determine what type of market you’re in. Traditionally, buyer’s markets come with a lot of flexibility on price, because available inventory is high and properties tend to sit on the market for a longer period of time. Sellers tend to be more willing to negotiate because offers are few and far between.

In a seller’s market, it’s much harder to go below asking price, because inventory is low, and multiple buyers tend to be interested in the same listings. In this case, don’t expect sellers to be too willing to negotiate with you. If you’re determined to make these points yours, it’s best to offer listing price.

Before you start submitting offers, our licensed associates can help you decide on the best offer for the property you are looking to purchase.

How badly do you want the listing?

How would you feel if you didn’t get the property? Let’s say you’ve been looking for a Beach Club 25 point listing with a March use year for 9 months and one finally comes on the market. If that is the case it may be worth it to consider offering exactly what they’re asking so you can purchase the property.

How concerned are you with ROFR?

Right of First Refusal is the option Disney Vacation Club has to purchase any resale package after a sales price has been agreed upon and a contract has been executed. Each contract must be forwarded to DVC for review. DVC typically takes up to 30 days to review the contract (can be longer based on DVC’s volume to review). At their discretion, Disney may step in and purchase the property themselves at the terms agreed upon by the Seller and the original Buyer. DVC then becomes the Buyer, and the purchase is complete. Once DVC is the buyer there is not an opportunity to come back with a better offer in hopes of still purchasing the contract. If you are looking at a listing that seems perfect, has a bunch of banked points, or is the exact use year you want you may not want to offer less in case Disney would then buy it back.

The last piece of advice may be the most subjective of all, but it’s important. Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine what you’re willing to offer on a listing. The Buy and Sell DVC, Inc.® associates will present all offers to the sellers. The seller will either accept your offer, counter offer or they will be firm at their price.


If you see a listing you want to offer on or have questions on making an offer please email Jason at jason@buyandselldvc.com or call us at 407-906-3789. 



Last modified on Sunday, 23 February 2020 21:25
Jason Erpelding

Jason Erpelding is the Licensed Real Estate Broker for Buy and Sell DVC, Inc.® and has been involved in over 30,000 DVC resale transactions since 2004. After graduating from the University of Iowa in December of 1997 he moved to Orlando, FL.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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  • Comment Link Tanya Friday, 06 March 2020 07:29 posted by Tanya

    We recently sold our contract. Jason made the process smooth and quick. If we ever decide to buy again, will definitely use Jason.

  • Comment Link Rita Kerr Monday, 02 March 2020 14:36 posted by Rita Kerr

    We were a little anxious about buying resale and also about the process given that we don’t live in the US but we needn’t have been. Jason and the team supported us from the outset. They were professional and reassuring, always available to answer our questions and advise. The whole process was smooth and without issue taking a matter of weeks which is obviously to our advantage. We would not hesitate to use the company again and would recommend them in a heartbeat
    Many thanks again Jason

  • Comment Link ML Littlejohn Thursday, 27 February 2020 12:12 posted by ML Littlejohn

    I was scrolling through listings looking for one to add on to our home resort. I came across one I was interested in, hit the make an offer button, made an offer and heard from Jason in a short amount of time. Everything is emailed, easy to understand and Jason is available for questions which he answers in a timely manner. I was impressed how quickly this has been handled and am now just waiting on closing.

  • Comment Link CSB Wednesday, 26 February 2020 18:55 posted by CSB

    This was our first time using Buy and Sell DVC and our second resale purchase. The experience was extremely fluid and Jason did an excellent job of keeping us in the loop every step of the way. We found a contract we were interested in, made an offer and came to terms with the seller in an extremely efficient manner. The ROFR process was also quick as well as the document prep with the closing company. We would highly recommend using Jason and Buy and Sell DVC for any resale needs.

  • Comment Link Kristi C Wednesday, 26 February 2020 07:13 posted by Kristi C

    I recently purchased my fourth DVC contract through Jason. The entire process was quick and seamless - I was apprised of all steps in the purchase process as they occurred and I appreciate the professionalism. This purchase was much quicker and easier than ones I've had in the past. I would not hesitate to do business with Jason again. Thank you!!

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